Seminar Highlights!

These are just some of the seminars that will be featured at Conference. 

AE Updates and Overview 
Internal AE Programs, Cadet Leaders, and STEM Kits 
External AE Programs, AEMs, and TOP Flights 
School Partnerships: Engaging America's youth 
Engaging AE Members 

Cadet Programs 
Supporting Cadets who Want to Learn to Fly 
InfoShare: Cadet Activities 
Could I be a Cadet Commander? 
NCSA Panel 

Ops/Emergency Services
VAWG Flying & Emergency Services Update 
Effective Investigations for ES Missions 
sUAS Operations 
Points of Distribution Seminar 
CAP's Standards of Aerial Photography 

Public Affairs  / Recruiting and Retention 
Best Practices in the New Member Experience
Best Practices in Recruiting 
Community Engagement and Outreach 
Cohort Recruiting 

Admin/Finance/Inspector General 
Improving your Squadrons Finances 
The Move to Microsoft Office 
Finding and Applying for Grants 
Becoming an Inspection Augmentee