Frequently Asked Questions

Are parents required to stay?
Only Civil Air Patrol members are eligible to participate in the seminar offerings and activities during the day.  If a parent is not a Civil Air patrol member, they are welcome to take advantage of the many local offerings and join us for the banquet. 

If a parent is not present, who is responsible for my cadet?
On the CAPF 60-80 , Section 2 asks for the name and Grade of the CAP Supervising Senior, and the Supervising Senior is asked to initial accepting the responsibility.  This person is usually a Senior Member involved in Cadet Programs and designated by the Squadron Commander.  For questions on this, please contact your Squadron Commander.  For the Civil Air Patrol Regulation governing Cadet Protection, see the file on the Forms and Regs section of this website.  For specific provisions regarding expectations of cadets and their supervising senior members attending the conference, please see the Rules of Engagement sections.

Is my cadet able to leave the hotel during the Conference?
Other than for the organized cadet tour activity, cadets are not permitted to leave the conference hotel for any reason without the cadet informing the Supervising Senior Member.   If a cadet needs to leave the Conference early, that is worked out with the Supervising Senior member prior to the Conference, and the cadet will follow the prescribed check-out procedure for checking out of the event.   

Are cadets required to go on the cadet tour?
No cadet is required to attend the tour. Cadets can choose to stay at the conference and participate in the seminars. 

May parents attend the banquet? 
Guests and parents may attend the banquet with a paid registration for the banquet.