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The 2018 Virginia Wing Conference is scheduled for April 6-7, 2018.  

I am looking for a cadet Point Of Contact who is willing to work with the conference team to help create the most positive cadet experience at the 2018 Wing Conference.  The position description and responsibilities, as well as preferred qualifications are listed below.  

Please fill out the Google Form here if you are interested.  

Responses will be collected until August 15th.


Position Description

The Cadet Point of Contact (C/POC) is the cadet who accepts primary responsibility for providing input and planning support for the cadet experience at Wing Conference.

Responsibilities and Duties

•Handle cadet correspondence and answer any questions cadets may have about the Conference

•Provide input regarding cadet seminar topics which will excite, inform, and engage our cadet members and enable them to return to their home units equipped and empowered as leaders and members in CAP and their “community, state, and nation.”

•Work with cadet presenters to ensure all seminars are prepared 21 days prior to the event.  

•                 Observe a “dry run” of cadet led presentations and provide feedback

•                 If amendments necessary, work with cadet presenters to ensure final “polished” presentations are set NLT 14 days prior to the event.

•At the event, work with the conference team to facilitate smooth functioning of the event

•Assist in leading/coordinating the cadet tour

•Other tasks as assigned by the Conference Director/Designee

Qualifications and Skills

•Excellent oral and verbal communication skills

•Excellent organizational skills

•Ability to work with multiple personalities to influence and direct people to accomplish the assigned mission 

•Ability to simultaneously manage multiple tasks

•Previous attendance in a minimum of one Wing Conference, preference given to cadets attending 2 or more Conferences 

•Ideally, candidate will be a Phase 3 or 4 Cadet; Phase 2 Cadets considered


Not sure you want to be a POC?  No problem!  Put April 6-7 on your calendar now and join us for a great time of fun, networking, and learning!  (Location TBD; most likely in the Centerville/Dulles area)

Very Respectfully, 
Lt Marybeth Slocumb, CAP