Supervising Senior Members

Welcome Supervising Seniors, and Thank you!

Per CAPR 60-2: 2.5.5. The Conference director "must ensure that each cadet is assigned to a specific adult leader who is responsible for supervising the cadet."

Thank you for taking on the responsibility of Supervising adult leader for the cadets who will be attending the Conference in your charge.  Your dedication to our members is appreciated by the cadets, their families, and your Conference team!  

All cadets must completely fill out a CAPF 60-80 with their supervising adult leaders initials and email the completed form to

Cadets will keep the hard copy of the CAPF 60-80 on their person, as well as the CAPF 160, 161, and 163 during the activity. Cadets are instructed that the supervising adult leader is required to have access to a copy of, at minimum, the CAPF 161 either by electronic means or by having their own hard copy (CAPR 160-1: 5-2c).

The Expectations and Responsibilities Document is posted on this page for your clear knowledge of the responsibility you are accepting in supervising our cadets at this event.  

Please print out a copy for your records in case any questions arise while you are at the event. Please also discuss the Cadet Rules of Engagement with the cadets in your charge so they are aware of the expectations they will be held to for this event.  

You will be asked to acknowledge receipt and understanding of this document prior to the event if you are acting as a Supervising Adult leader. Thank you again for all you are doing for our members and for Civil Air Patrol!

Sarah Nutbrown,
Jan 31, 2020, 3:42 PM