The Hunt is ON!!

Before you hunt, there are things you should know - 
A smartphone and a team name will help this hunt go.
Each team must on a Captain decide
One who will photo and upload with pride!

Oh Captain, my Captain, keep your team on task
Upload your team's photo as each clue asks.
Be sure to include the defining hashtags
To Facebook or Instagram is where your team brags.

Hashtags must be attached to get credit for each post
#VAWGCON18 and #YOURTEAMNAME are what we need most
This helps those who are keeping the scores retrieve
All your great photos so credit you can receive!

One other thing, to be sure you include
In every photo a dame or a dude
A teammate of yours with the clue that you found
A hand or a head or the whole team around.

So the hunt begins NOW - be courteous and kind.
Pay attention to safety and go for the find!
Here are the clues, best of luck to you all.
At 1145 your team must be back in the entry hall!

Clue # 1
I have a beautifully striped red and white shell
I may be a Little Stinker, but I mean well
I hang upside down like a falling star
But if you’ve reached the banister you’ve gone too far.

Clue # 2
So I’m a pretty cool Blackbird, I’d like to mention
Right now I am proud, the center of attention
7 days a week I sit on the ground
1 more hint, read down

Clue # 3
*Team Photo*
Want a good view? I Tower above
If you want to see planes land, then this place you’ll love
I’m a tall piece of work, with windows all around
But if you’re scared of heights, don’t look at the ground

Clue # 4
I’ve been up to Space, Shuttled back and forth
Next to my massive frame, you’ll look like a dwarf
I’ve helped NASA make a lot of Discoveries
But if I fall on you you’ll have a long recovery
Hold me up with your arms of strength
And make sure to have a smile on your face
Here’s one little hint, for you a gift
To get the points for this question you have to liiiiift

Clue # 5
Find the MUSTARD,
A concept designed by the english
Don’t let it drop,
That would be un-delish

Clue # 6
I am easy to spot, but please, don’t swoon
I am a humble module that brought the first man to the moon.
Guidance, control, and propulsion were my thing
The whole unit’s not here, just my instrument ring.

Clue # 7
We all have our off days, we all need repair
But when you’re as old as us, you need sterile air
Our restorers work with such gentle care
But you can watch us through windows from way up there

Clue # 8
Take me for a ride, though I don’t leave the ground
I have my own tail number, but no flight plan to be found
You can be a pilot with me, but only for a day
While everyone leaves, this Cessna stays in place

Clue # 9
In 1947 and in 1948
Our members received medals, what they did was great!
Then in 2014, they had their stories told
When Congress passed a law to provide a gift of gold

Clue # 10 - Super Bonus Find worth 10 Points 
Have you heard that joke? 
You know the one where a Tech Sergeant donates a plane requested by a Second Lieutenant. 
No? Well I’m sorry, don’t shoot the Messenger! 
How about you take a picture next the the plane instead.

Clue # 11
*Team Photo*
When the night has come
And the land is dark
And the moon is the only light we'll see
No, I won't be afraid
Oh, I won't be afraid
Just as long as you stand
Stand by me
So darlin’, darlin’
Stand by me, oh, stand by me
Oh, stand, stand by me
Stand by me...

Oh that’s right, you all were born after the 1960s
Let me rewrite these lyrics so that they might be more helpful…

CAP cadets, you’ve come
And the hunt’s not hard
And Billy Mitchell is all you need
No, don’t be afraid
Oh, don’t be afraid
Just as long as you stand
Stand like me
So cadets, cadets
Stand like me, oh, me Billy
Oh, stand, stand like me
Stand like me…

Clue # 12
Come stand by my uniform, I was a swell man
If you’ve promoted to Tech Sergeant then you know who I am

Clue # 13
*Team Photo*
U.S.A., a country proud
Spell out your pride without speaking aloud
You’ll need 3 of your teammates to each claim a letter
And strike a pose near a silver fine feller
This Sabre is sharp, he may make you laugh
No? Well alright, look for 2 Air Force aircraft

Clue # 14
Tiny predator
Holey plane
Eat these MRE's and you'll never be the same!
In just one photo, capture all of these things,
and then the praises of your team will echo and ring!

Clue # 15
*Team Photo*
I was built by the Army, I stand pretty tall
If you’re looking for me, you’ll find me in the space hall
Don’t let my color fool you, though my skin is dark toned
My true colors at heart are those of a Redstone

Clue # 16
Beep beep boop bop I speak in such sounds
I’m the droid you’re not looking for, but I’ve been around
I’m disguised so only the postman will know
Don’t know the answer? Ask C3PO

Clue # 17
I’m a wonder to look at, quite the original
Though admittedly my “flying characteristics were marginal”
Though I sport such a beautiful primary color
My abilities weren’t much more than a hover

Clue # 18
Photograph the mention of a namesake of a CAP achievement or award
Up to 5 times you can claim this reward
Don't hit a Wall, you don't want to stall
Keep going, until the whole museum is explored!

Clue # 19
*Team Photo*
“Safety First” all those annoying Seniors say
But it’s important that we make it to the end of the day
When climbing the stairs there’s only one rule
So please show us how your team uses this Handy tool

Clue # 20
When humans first decided to fly
Who knew we’d have Wonder Bread and cocoa in the sky?
I’m a Basket case and take up a lot of room
But I feel quite at home under my big Balloon

Clue # 21
I was built by the namesake of your First Milestone
At Kitty Hawk is where I made my name known
As the first powered aircraft people called me insane
But I did have the first fatality in a powered airplane

Clue # 22
I fly high above in my light blue and white
I may look like I’m missing my rear end, but I’m alright
With my small size and stature I take to the sky
Now look around and find the Dragonfly

Clue # 23
I dropped the bomb on Iwo Jima in the second World War
And released such a weapon that had never been seen before
I was quite the feat back in my day
Nice to meet you, my name’s Enola Gay

Clue # 24
Aviation history has a lot of “firsts”
But with my vertical takeoff, I am far from the worst
Don’t know who I am? The Spirit of Texas’s my name
Being the first “around the world helicopter” was my game

Clue # 25
Somewhere on the floor, visible from above

Near where the birds sing,

Take a selfie, shooting down,

Capture the DLH on my wing

Clue # 26
I may be the smallest plane on site,
But I’m one that you can take home at the end of the night
Wait till you see what I have in Store
Next to other models, apparel, and more!